Научная сессия и заседание Учёного совета

06.04.2016 9:30

Повестка дня:

1.     K. M. Салихов, M.M. Бакиров, Р.T. Галеев.  Анализ проявления спинового обмена в спектрах ЭПР нитроксильных свободных радикалов в растворах.

The perturnation theory of the spin exchange manifestation in the EPR spectra of nitroxide free radicals was generalized taking into account the proton hyperfine structure of the EPR spectra components which correspond to different projections of the nitrogen nuclear spin. In the limit of the slow spin exchange the total spectrum is presented as a sum of the three (two) components for the 14N (15N) nitroxide radicals, respectively. In this work we have found the shapes of all these components of the EPR spectra.The side components of the EPR spectra contain the absorption and dispersion contributions and they have asymmetric shape, i.e., these asymmeric components can be presented as J=Jabsorption+κ Jdispersion. We have found the shapes of the Jabsorption and of the Jdispersion. The shapes of Jabsorption and Jdispersion depend on the proton hyperfine structure of the nitrogen components of the nitroxide EPR spectrum alongside with a dependence on the spin exchange rate. The theory presented in this work shows that the parameter κ which determines the contribution of the dispersion is practically independent on the proton hyperfine interaction in the nitroxide radicals. The value of κ gives directly the spin coherence transfer rate. So in the limit of the slow spin exchange, the good strategy to subtract the spin exchange rate from the EPR spectra is using the dispersion type contribution to the shape of the spectra observed.


2.     Р.Ф. Мамин. Отчет о финансовой деятельности института в 2015 г.

3.     Изменения в структуре института

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