Invited Speakers

Klaus Möbius (Germany), Zavoisky Awardee 1994

New Porphyrin Molecules with Moebius-Strip Topology
as Studied by Modern Magnetic Resonance Methods

Jack H. Freed (USA), Zavoisky Awardee 1998

Overcoming Insufficient Signal Strength in ESR
Wolfgang Lubitz (Germany), Zavoisky Awardee 2002

Advanced Pulse EPR Studies of the Water Oxidation
Cycle in Photosynthesis

Hans Wolfgang Spiess (Germany), Zavoisky Awardee 2010

Supramolecular Organization: What Can We Learn
from Magnetic Resonance
Yuгi D. Tsvetkov (Russia), Zavoisky Awardee 2013

Pulsed Electron-Electron Double Resonance
(PELDOR/DEER) Spectroscopy. Abilities Today
and Some Possible Future Developments
Vadim A. Atsarkin (Russia), Zavoisky Awardee 2015 

Electron Spin Resonance on the Border Between
Para- and Ferromagnetism: Quantum Versus Classical
Bekir Aktas (Turkey)

Ferromagnetic Resonance in Ultra-Thin Films
Peter Atkins (England)       
Elena Bagryanskaya (Russia) 

Application of Trytil Radicals in Biology and Material Science
Patrice Bertet (France) 

Magnetic Resonance at the Quantum Limit and Beyond
Michael Bowman (USA)

Spin Interactions and Structure in the Condensed Phase

Gerd Buntkowsky (Germany) 

Revealing Structures of Immobilized Catalysts by
Solid State NMR

Uwe Eichhoff (Germany) 

Novel Applications of MRI: Structural and Functional
Connectivity in Brain. Can MRI Contribute to the
Understanding of Mental Disorders?

Petrik Galvosas (New Zealand)

Recent Advances in NMR Diffusometry

Guenter Grampp (Austria)

ESR-Spectroscopy in Ionic Liquids: Dynamic and
Kinetic of Organic Radicals

Robert Kaptein (The Netherlands)

Perspectives of Hyperpolarization and its Role in Structural Biology

Hans-Henning Klauss (Germany)

Complex Electronic Order in Fe-Based Superconductors
Studied by Nuclear Probe Spectroscopy

Alexander Kokorin (Russia) 

EPR Studies of Doped TiO2 Photocatalysts: Structures,
Properties and Dynamics of Paramagnetic
Centers in the Lattice and on the Surface
Gerd Likhtenshtein (Israel) 

Can Spin Chemistry Explain All Effects of Electromagnetic
 Fields on Living Organisms?

Johannes Majer (Austria) 

Hybrid Quantum Systems - Coupling Color Centers
to Superconducting Cavities

John Morton (UK)

Spin Qubits Based on Donors in Silicon 

Hitoshi Ohta (Japan)

Multi-Extreme THz ESR: Recent Developments and Future
Arnold Raitsimring (USA)

Gd(III) Based Markers for Pulsed Dipolar Spectroscopy: Features, Theory, Instrumentation and Optimization of Measurements

Anton Savitsky (Germany) 

ELDOR-Detected NMR: a Powerful EPR Technique
for Hyperfine and Polarization Transfer Studies
Dieter Suter (Germany)

Spins as Qubits: Quantum Information Processing by
Magnetic Resonance

Takeji Takui  (Japan) 

Molecular Spin Quantum Technology for Quantum Computers and Quantum Information Processing: The Old and New in Open Shell Chemistry

Michael Tobar (Australia)

High-Q and Novel Cavity Structures for Photon-Spin Strong Coupling

Aleksei Tyryshkin (Canada)

Electron Spin Decoherence of J-Coupled Donor Dimers in Two-Dimentional δ-Layers, 50 nm below Surface in Silicon

Alexander Volodin (Belgium)

Nanoscale Magnetic Resonance Microscopy

Jörg Wrachtrup (Germany)