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7-11 September 2014 / IXth EF-EPR conference

7-11 September 2014 / IXth EF-EPR conference

Marseilles, France. Web

The deadline for abstracts to be considered for an oral presentation is June 1st 2014.

IXth EF-EPR conference

The French EPR Group, ARPE, is honored to be in charge of the IXth EF-EPR conference that will be organized in Marseilles from the 7th to the 11th of September 2014.
This conference will coincide with the Xth anniversary of ARPE.

The European Federation of EPR (Electron Paramagnetic Resonance) groups (EFEPR) is a non-formal organization which gathers 14 EPR groups from European countries and other countries in the region.
Its activities include a triennial conference that provides a forum for scientists engaged in EPR spectroscopy to present and discuss recent results and developments. It covers all aspects of EPR spectroscopy, including applications in the fields of physics, chemistry, materials, biology and medicine, new techniques, instrumentation developments and theory.
The previous EFEPR conferences were held in Padua (1991), Paris (1994), Leipzig (1997), Norwich (2000), Lisbon (2003), Madrid (2006), Antwerp (2009), Frankfurt (2011).

Topics covered by EFEPR 2014
- Nanophysics and Materials
- Biomedicine and Biostructural
- Energy and Environment
- DNP and Advanced Methods
- Theoretical Approach
- Emerging Approaches

Format of the meeting
The meeting will start on Sunday evening with a welcome reception.
The four days of the EFEPR 2014 conference will consist in 8 invited plenary conferences, 12 key-note lectures, 35 oral presentations and 3 poster sessions.
Free afternoon on Wednesday will be devoted for a social tour to discover Marseilles and its surroundings.

Location and Venue
Marseilles is located in a large bay of the Mediterranean Sea, in south-eastern France, in Provence.
This old city offers a wide range of heritage, places of interest, culture and diversity, and is undoubtedly one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in France.
The conference will be held at the CNRS campus in the south part of Marseille. Marseille is easily accessible by bus from International Marseille-Provence Airport, by train (St Charles station). The Marseille-Provence Airport holds low-costs flights from France and Europe.

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