Invited Speakers


Takeji Takui (Japan), Zavoisky Awardee 2017

Exact Analytical and Genuine Zeeman Perturbation
Approaches to the Eigen-Energies and -Functions of the
ZFS and Electronic Zeeman Interaction Hamiltonian for the
Spin Quantum Numbers up to S = 7/2: Applications
to High Spin Metalloporphyrins and a Re(III,IV) Complex
with Sizable ZFS Values and Quantum Chemical Calculations


Elena Bagryanskaya (Russia)

Pulse Dipole EPR-Based Distance Measurements at Ambient Temperatures
Michael Bowman (USA)

Different Faces of Free Radical Spin Dynamics in Frozen Solution
Robert Bittl (Germany)

Insight into Protein Function by EPR
Sergey Demishev (Russia)

Electron Nematic Effect in CeB6: The ESR and Magnetoresistance Evidence

Fridrikh Dzheparov (Russia)

Magnetic Resonance of Impurity Spin in Slow Normal
Stochastic Local Field

Sergey Dzuba (Russia)

Nanoclustering of Spin-labeled Molecules
in Lipid Membranes as Revealed by
"Instantaneous Diffusion" Effects in Electron Spin Echo Decay

Uwe Eichhoff (Germany) 

Brain Connectivities Explored by MR Tractography and
Resting State Functional MRI

Matvey Fedin  (Russia)

EPR of Metal-Organic Stimuli-Responsive Materials
Edward Fel'dman  (Russia)

Decoherence in Many-Qubit Clusters in Multiple Quantum
NMR in One-Dimensional Systems
Andrey Fraerman  (Russia)

Spin Current and Second Harmonic Generation in
Noncollinear Magnets
Giniyat Khaliullin  (Germany)

Soft Spins and Higgs Mode in Ruthenates
Alexander Maryasov  (Russia)

High Spin Kramers System States Manipulations by Circularly Polarized MW Fields
Hideto Matsuoka  (Japan) 

Time-Resolved EPR and Theoretical Investigations
of Metal-Free Triplet Emitters for Organic Light Emitting Diodes

Alexander Melnikov  (Russia) 

Dynamics of Majorana States in Nanowires and Josephson Junctions

Hitoshi Ohta  (Japan) 

Multi-Extreme THz ESR: Developments and Future Biological Applications

Bulat Rameev  (Turkey)

Novel Approaches in Magnetic Resonance & Microwave Detection of Energetic and Illicit Materials
Valery Ryazanov  (Russia)

Magnetoresistive and Microwave Responses of Hybrid Josephson Structures with Ferromagnetic Layers

Kazunobu Sato  (Japan) 

Molecular Spin Technology Based on Microwave Pulse with Arbitrary Waveform towards Spin Quantum Computing

Ashutosh Kumar Shukla  (India) 

ESR Application in Food Science

Fazhan Shi (China)

Spin Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy from Billions
of Molecules to a Single Molecule

Alexander Smirnov (Russia)

Spinon magnetic resonance in a quasi 1D S=1/2 antiferromagnet with a weak exchange interaction

Leonid Svistov (Russia)


Valery Tarasov (Russia)

Dimer Self-Organization of Rare Earth Impurity Ions in
Synthetic Forsterite

Murat Tagirov (Russia)

Peter Tolstoy (Russia)

Proton Dynamics in Strong Hydrogen Bonds: Solvent-Induced
Distribution of NMR Chemical Shifts

Vitaly Volkov (Russia)

Ionic and Molecular Transport in Polymeric Electrolytes on Magnetic Resonance Data

Al'bert Ziatdinov (Russia)

Topological Zero Modes in Few-Layer Nanographenes:
EPR, CESR and Magnetic Susceptibility Studies