Fattakhov Y.V.Head of the Department:
Fattakhov Yakh'ya Valeevich,
Senior researcher, Ph.D.
tel.: +7 (8432) (843) 272 12 41



Staff and postgraduate students:

Fakhrutdinov A.R.(Ph.D.), Anashkin V.N., Shagalov V.A., Farrahov B.F., Galialtdinov M.K., Karsalova N.A., Saikin K.S., Bajazitov A.A., Galiakberova E.R., Gatina R.Ch., Mishenkova A.Zh.

Main fields of research:

Analysis of the needs of medicine in modern physical techniques in diagnostics and therapy, research into possible ways of applying scientific and technical potential of ZPhTI in medicine. Study and development of new physical techniques, including MRI in order to further apply them in diagnostics and treatment. Investigation of physical backgrounds and development of the sensor technology in molecular electronics (physical, chemical, and biological sensors).

Directions and results of research

Contacts with the other institutions, international co-operation

Basic publications